Thursday june 27

16:00    Gathering @ café De Drie Dorstige Herten

Lange Nieuwstrraat 47 – Utrecht   (

This small and cosy pub is situated in the heart of Utrecht and has a very nice collection of Dutch micro’s. This is the place where we will meet for the first time and have some beers. The bar opens at 15:00, in case you want to come a bit earlier. You pay for your own beers. Around 18:45 we will leave for a 15 minutes walk to restaurant Olivier

19:00    Diner @ Olivier

Achter Clarenburg 6A – Utrecht (

This is a Belgian beerpub and restaurant, built in an old church. We will make a reservation for one big table an to make things easy, we will present 3 menu’s (meat, fish or vegetarian) to choose from soon. Around 20:45 we will leave and have a 15 minutes walk to De Rooie Dop

21:00    Beer-Party @ De Rooie Dop

Oude Gracht a/d Werf 5 – Utrecht (

Meet the guys from brewery De Rooie Dop in their small brewdungeon. It actually is and old cellar below the road, connected to one of the old waterways of Utrecht. We’ll play some music, have a chat and ofcourse those Rooie Dop beers. Also the brewer from Berghoeve will be attending and bring some of his beers. One of them is the special RBESG13 beer !!!

Not sure at what time this party ends, but for the die-hards there are still some pubs in Utrecht worth to pay a visit. Remember though, we have a bustrip the next day …..


Friday june 28

This day we’ll have a bus which will leave from Utrecht Central Station (exact location will follow soon). At 10:00 exactly it will leave and head for the south west of the Netherlands. Here we will visit brewery Emelisse. We can have a short tour, you can try and/or buy some beers and we can have lunch. To save time, we propose to get a take-away lunch and enjoy it in the bus on our way to Antwerp.

12:00    Visit Emelisse Brewery

13:30    Leaving Emelisse

14:30    Arriving in Antwerp for a pubcrawl or a visit to the BIERPASSIE-festival

In Antwerp we will have some time to do a small pubcrawl. We will suggest some pubs later on, but also know that ik will be hard to keep the group together. Probably there is also the Beerpassion Weekend, and outdoor festival on one of the main squares of Antwerp. If you want to tick new Belgium beers, better go here. Just as long as you’ll be back at the bus on time.

18:00    Leaving Antwerp

19:00    Beer & BBQ at De Dochter van de Korenaar (Baarle-Hertog)

We’ll organise a nice BBQ at the brewers place and ofcourse we’re going to try most of Ronald’s beers. We’ll leave at 22:00.


Saturday june 29

Take a train from Utrecht to Bodegraven (20 minutes)

13:30    Gathering @ Brewery De Molen (Bodegraven)

Welcome by Owner/Brewer Menno Olivier, short brewery-tour for those who want.

14:00    Grand Tasting, first period.

This is the day of the big tasting. Everybody is invited to bring some bottles (fill in the list HERE). Bringing one 33 cl bottle is making it very difficult to share, so bring at least a 75 cl or 3 x 33 cl of a certain beer.

We’ll have a big room at the Brewery where glasses and some water are provided. We’ll try to find a way to taste those beer a bit “organised”. Around 18:30 we can take a break an enjoy a very simple meal at the windmill close to the brewery. 21:45 is really the end, as we don’t want to misuse Menno hospitality.

18:30    Simple diner @ De Molen Restaurant, time to visit the shop

19:30    Grand Tasting, second period.

21:45    End, catch a train back to Utrecht and party one.


Sunday june 30

Take a train/bus to La Trappe (Koningshoeve)

12:00    Relax and Lunch @ the beautiful La Trappe tastingroom/garden, have a look at their barrel-collection and maybe sample some old batches Oak Aged Quadrupel, Official RBESG-Farewell.

We take it easy today and visit the monastery of La Trappe. No brewery-tour, but a quick look at the brew kettle and the wooden barrels. We hope we can find some old batches of the oak aged stuff. And for the rest: enjoy the sun in the nice garden or have a lunch at the nice tastingroom.

14:00    Take a bus (10 minutes) to Tilburg and visit the outdoor Beerfestival.

Visit some pubs if you want, and take a train back to Utrecht whenever you want.

This is a nice, not so big festival at one of the main squares of Tilburg. This is the brewery list of 2012 (to get an impression) De Natte Gijt (Weert, NL)
Brouwerij de Molen (Bodegraven, NL)
De Witte Leeuw (Wezep, NL)
Palm (Steenhuffel, BE)
Muifelbrouwerij (Berghem, NL)
Ramses (Wagenberg, NL)
Liefde (Geldrop, NL)
Museumbrouwerij De Roos (Hilvarenbeek, NL)
Twentse Bierbrouwerij (Hengelo, NL)
Witte Klavervier (Zwolle, NL)
Klein Duimpje (Hillegom, NL)
Rebels Bieren (s-Hertogenbosch)
Christoffel Bieren (Roermond, NL)
Montaigu (Scherpenheuvel, BE)
Reuzenbieren (Moergestel, NL)
Sint Servattumus (Schijndel, NL)
Den Hopper (Kaatsheuvel, NL)
La Trappe (Berkel-Enschot, NL)
Anderson Valley Brewing Company (Boonville, CA, USA)
Shepards Neame Brewery (Faversham, Kent, UK)
Budelse Brouwerij (Budel, NL)


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