On this page we will post all information regarding the gathering. In the future you will find dates/times/places here. If you need more information, you can contact the people below through Ratebeer, or you can use the contact page. We will try to reply to you a.s.a.p.

Basic info regarding the event:
27th of June  – 30th of June
Basecamp: Utrecht [NL]

Unofficial extra event: Belgian Trip on Juli 1st.

Full agenda

Financial estimation
We have no sponsors, so there are expected costs for:

Dinner on Thursday:  € 25 each
Bus on Friday: € 50 each (with 20 persons)
Lunch on Friday: € 5 (to go) or € 15 (eat in)
BBQ on Friday: € ??
Dinner/buffet on Saturday: € ??

Joris [joes on Ratebeer]
Martien [Martinus on Ratebeer]

André [DutchDrebus on Ratebeer] [Personal beerblog (in Dutch) SpoelenMaar]

Benzai [Benzai on Ratebeer]
Berghoeve Brewery [website]


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